About Me


Hello and Welcome to my site. I’m Craig Harmer and I’ve been obsessed with anime, manga and Japanese culture in general since the tender age of 13 (way back in 1993). If you’re looking for a site for old school fans with reviews of lots of classic anime and manga as well as Japanese cinema you’ve come to the right place. I set up this site because I didn’t feel there was quite enough coverage of a lot of the classics so I wanted to rectify that by sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for these vintage landmarks in animation and comics (and maybe even have a chuckle at a few bad ones too). Along the way I’ll review a few things, rant a bit and share my undying love for a large range of things from the land of the rising sun- not just manga and anime but maybe stuff like action figures and video games too. Also I will talk about robots a lot….and ninja and samurai….and maybe some robot ninja and samurai.

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