Like a phoenix from the ashes! Resurrection of the blog!

Greetings fellow anime lovers and retro anime scholars. It’s been way too long. Where have I been? I’d love to say I have an interesting tale to tell you, but really I’ve just been living.

2022 turned out to be quite a busy year for me. I attended a lot of family gatherings, caught up with old friends and most importantly: got married.

It was a fantastic year for me in many ways, but I just never seemed to find the time for writing. In the back of my mind this voice was nagging at me to write and I even had a ton of ideas but weekends (often my chosen time to tap at the keyboard) were so full that I was too tired by the time I got around to sitting at my PC.

At no point during 2022 did any of my passions dim, I was enjoying em as I always have, just never really found the time to write about em.

I hope 2023 will be different though. Currently my schedule is nowhere near as crazy as it was last year, and I’m already planning ideas for new content and getting myself enthused about possible new kinds of article formats.

To be honest it won’t be hard to be more productive than last year (take a look at the amount of posts I made in 2022 and you’ll get the idea).

Anyway…. In short I’m not dead. Expect new content about old anime soon.

Also if you thought that post title sounded like the English translation of an old anime episode title that was intentional. Thanks for noticing.

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