STATE OF THE BLOG: October update Post

Hello everyone. Sorry it’s been a while. Without spinning an overlong tale of woe I haven’t exactly had a good couple of months. Let’s just say life has really been committed to kicking me lately despite me already being on the ground. That being said hopefully things are on the up and I’m hoping to be getting back to blogging a bit more regularly over the coming months.

Since I’ve been away for a little while I’m currently trying to play catch up and get back into the swing of things. I’m working on a few articles about vintage anime, one of which hopefully should be up this week.  Ideally I can get a few articles up about some creepy Halloween appropriate titles by the end of the month.

Despite my blog having a distinctly retro flavour I do try and keep up with modern anime as much as possible and I love to go see it at the cinema at any given opportunity. Last Thursday I happened across a tweet from Anime Limited informing me that they’d acquired the cinema distribution rights to Studio TRIGGER’s Promare in the UK and that it would be coming to a multiplex near me for a one off screening!


This was BIG news because previously it was slated only to be shown at Glasgow’s Scotland Loves Anime event so I thought I wouldn’t have the chance to check it out until its home video release. I love the work of Hiroyuki Imaishi and Kazuki Nakashima (and TRIGGER in general) so I’m fairly excited for this film. Expect a review shortly after it passes my retinas on November 26th. I gave a lot of thought as to whether to review it or not since I usually focus on older stuff but hey it’s my blog, why not right? I’ve talked about new shows in my end of the year posts before so this isn’t really too different.

I’m still working hard on Retro Mecha Podcast as well.  We only release an episode every few months because our viewing schedules and working full time don’t exactly mix but I’m looking forward to recording the 2nd part of our upcoming Macross Retrospective. For updates on when it’ll drop you can follow me @animeheadsretro and follow the podcast @retromecha

So now I’ve reassured you all that I’m not dead check back with me soon for some more musings on older anime. Next time we’ll check out a spooky OVA from the mind of one of my favourite manga authors. I do hope you’ll join me.




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